From day one, my goal as a commercial vehicle wrap & advertising designer has always been to secure a great return on your investment. With that in mind, once I sit down with you & get a better understanding of your goals, target audience & key points that the wrap or ad needs to get across, we then start the concept phase & don’t stop working until you are satisfied!

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Have a car, truck, SUV, Bus, RV, boat or trailer you are wanting to change the color of? A great alternative to paint is a color change wrap! Only using the best films possible insures that you get the longevity & quality out of your wrap you deserve! 3M color change & avery color change films are our preferred films I like to install but in order to offer the maximum color varieties possible I will install any quality film on the market. Color change wraps are a great way to make your ride your own. They are only growing on the west coast & I would love to install your new awesome wrap color on your vehicle!


web designer & seo

I try to look at websites just like a commercial vehicle wrap, first impression is everything! If someone driving down the road cannot make out what your vehicle wrap is saying the chances of them calling you for your services are very slim. A website is no different, if a potential client finds you online & cannot access your site, or it is hard to read, hard to navigate or just simply doesn’t work. The odds of them calling you to order your services again are very slim. Let me help you in building a effective websites for you & your awesome clients! Along with web design it is almost a must now days to have SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I will continue to work with you to achieve not only a great wrap design, but a great web design as well. An awesome marketing package is exactly what those awesome clients deserve!


Let’s face it. Social media is taking over! Now days no one picks up a phone book to find you, they rely on the web & social media to find what they are looking for. A poor social media presence is just a like a bad vehicle wrap job, be sure to put a valued effort into your social media & get in front of potential clients! I offer a great social media package that will leave you with no stress in remembering to get out and post! 

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It all started when I was 12-13 years old and my father bought a vinyl plotter to start doing his own lettering & numbers on his race car. I natural seemed to have a eye for what looked good & what didn’t. With racing graphics it is so important to please sponsors & make sure their brand gets seen the right way and it is effective. Since then I was hooked & I spent hours & hours advancing my skills and learning about the industry. At the young age of 20 I became a business owner. I started Lucky 7 Graphics and worked out of my dad’s workspace.

Majority of my family is self employed & without my father & grandfather teaching me what dedication, hard work & to never give up I would not be where I am at today. There is a lot more to my story but hopefully that sparks enough interest in you to want to learn more and hopefully be willing to trust me to handle all your creative & marketing needs!

Think of all the advertising & marketing costs a business can spend? Who reads or goes to the yellow pages to get a service they need anymore? A giant billboard is going to cost how much for 5 years? Television & radio ads are great for 30 seconds & cost per second is 1000x more than a vehicle wrap.

A vehicle wrap is by far the cheapest & best advertising you can get. It truly is a great “bang for your buck” and I HIGHLY suggest every business should have some type of vehicle wrap or graphic budget for their fleet. I am not saying that because I want your business, I am saying that because with over 10 years in the industry it is what my past & present clients have strategized. The vehicle wrap industry is just getting start, LOOK OUT!

Just like a vinyl wrap, first impression is everything! It is no different then driving down the road and seeing a unprofessional vehicle wrap, are you going to call them to work for you? More than likely not so how is a website any different? If you google for a service and click their website and it is unprofessional, hard to navigate, loads slow & does not work on your mobile device more than likely you are going to go on to the next. Let me help you make sure your brand is consistent & your vehicle wrap & website are nothing but top notch!

My kids are by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. They truly changed me as a person and push me everyday to best the best version of One2 I can be. Brooklynn is 10 years old & Madison is 7. If you ever get the chance to meet them you will get to see how great of individuals they are and how even though they are sisters they are complete opposites LOL.

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