Bay Area Vehicle Wrap is a huge scene on the streets! Let’s face it…Vehicle wraps are a must have for any small business looking to grow or a large fleet that wants the best for their brand awareness. I was fortunate that I was able to hook my good buddy Tim up with this clean & effective ford transit van wrap for his company East Bay Meal Prep! Check them out at 

Ford Transit Van Wrap Bay Area
Bay Area Vehicle Wrap Specialist!

If your company is like Tim’s company in this case that just got this van to take his company to the next level. They recieved this van on a Friday & I was able to pick it up the next day to turn it into a huge mobile billboard for them! Another plus for this van wrap is it will protect the paint so when he goes to sell it the van will look brand new & hold value!

Bay Area Vinyl Wraps

It took 3-4 revisions based on logo placement, text color & background color and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! We utilized an Avery Dennison matte black base (yeah the van use to be white can you tell?). To make the logos & text pop we went ahead and printed the logos on 3M 180cv3 Vinyl with a ulta gloss 8518 laminate to make them POP!

About East Bay Meal Prep

Be sure to check out Tim & Christina’s awesome meals! They deliver & they can provide healthy meals to go so you can eat healthy & save time! 

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