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Looking for a Vehicle Wrap Designer? If you have a vehicle wrap shop and are trying to keep overhead low to make maximum return on your services. Let me help you with that! Let’s face it, designing a vehicle wrap is a love hate relationship. The revision process, what if you design something & the client absolutely hates it? That is time & in the small business world hell even large business world, TIME IS MONEY!

I have been setting my business goals to move in the ways to help those businesses with PRINT READY artwork. With over 15 years in the design / vehicle wrap industry. I know what it takes from the design, production, colors & installation and am capable of sending sized, print ready, load it in the rip & print money! Ok maybe not print money but you get the point! 

I know what you are thinking! “We have tried that in the past and wasted so much vinyl & printed wrong colors & ended up costing me more money”. You haven’t tried me :). I have worked with a lot of designers, I have printed a lot of other designers artwork & also have had to fix some and help them do it the correct way. I have paid my dues with wrong sizing & the mistakes in my early days, but I never gave up & now am proud of the services & quality of my design to my clients.

What if you don’t own a wrap shop? NOT A PROBLEM! I work with direct companies and am able to provide you with the files that you paid for & you can take them to a Print shop of your choices, or I can get you in connection with one. 

The nice thing about the internet is, you dont have to be local! I have clients all over, even Canada, Australia…Let’s add to that :). Contact me, shoot me a email, let’s grab a beer. Even though I am not much of a beer drinker let’s create cool Sh!t! 

Vehicle Wrap Design For 5 Star Roofing

Ram Truck Wrap Design for 5 Star Roofing | Sacramento Graphic Design

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