Being involved in the Racing Graphic industry or even the “Wrap” world I have to deal with a lot of common seen problems with “Sponsored” or “Got a deal” situations with past & current clients.

If I had a penny for every time someone asked for me to sponsor them a wrap or give them a deal, I would be driving to the track in a Ferrari.

Things to keep in mind is there are a lot of resources now to graphic designers in the racing industry that saves a lot of time. Vector graphic packs, number styles, downloadable art, etc. All these are great tools for us designers but in the end I take pride in my work, I take pride knowing that when I send a proof and send files to the printer that they are 100% of my own & custom to each client.

I always compare art and graphics to steaks. You can easily buy a steak from applebee’s, or you can buy a steak from Ruths steakhouse or Black Angus. As a designer there are only so many things that you can change on art, we are limited to colors, limited to fonts for sponsors and with the limitations do you want to pull up to the track and represent your sponsors, your partners who have given you money to represent them and you park next to someone that has the same graphics base as you? 

I wrote this blog after watching a live video from a local dirt track. It had a client of mine in the race and behind him was a car that I could not tell the two apart. I then got to see the car in person and sure as shit. Same color graphics, same color base, even same color number color. The moral to this is you as the client have to think not only about price obviously, but keep your sponsors in mind and want your car to look original. 

For the graphic designers & wrap shops, be original. If someone sends a layout of something they like, do not copy that. Provide your client with a piece of art that they are going to be happy and take pride in. 

So when my buddies or a client ask for sponsorship, or if I can help them. That would not be fair to the clients that pay me for me to put my heart and soul into their art. I am limited to sponsorship because I have to put food on the table for my family & my girls. Although I do not mind helping & I am all for giving back to the racers so often you will see me pay for entry fees or promote a race to try to help the best I can.

At the end of the day the reason why I get paid for work up front & have to charge is because I put 100 percent into my art and into my clients. Deals and free are only good to a point. There has been many times where a client has asked for a reprint or something with very little to limited notice. If it was free it wouldn’t be a priority I have to make a living first. 


Thank you to all my loyal clients & great people that I have surrounded myself with when starting One2. Excuse the grammar & poor writing habits, English was never my strong subject. 

If there is anything I can do to help I would love to help on your next project!
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